Java error cannot select from a type variable

InputField will need to also take a Class< W> from the caller, like InputFieldArray :. As Marko explained, you cannot simply use ' T. Builder' and expect the compiler to determine the nested class of an unknown type. What you can do is to force a subclass of Builder to identify itself: public class A { public String. I' m new to java so apologies if I' ve got totally the wrong end of the stick. but Netbeans gives the error: illegal start of type. cannot be referenced from a static context and if I remove the static keyword, I get: cannot select from a type variable I need to read up on how generics and static work together, but the 2nd looks like. You can only learn the value of I and R by capturing them in a subclass definition - otherwise they are erased at runtime. Ex: class MyStringRestHelper extends RestHelper< String, String> {. Then using something like.

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    Java cannot type

    You can include Class< T[ ] > klass into method parameters like this: public < T> List< T> getStoreAsList( String storeName, Class< T[ ] > klass) { return new java. ArrayList< T> ( Arrays. 1) List< SpinnerModel>. class does not resolve do the thing you expect. Java uses generic type erasure, so the run- time type of that statement is Class< List